I have been involved in arts and crafts for all my life, and this as it happens seems rather a long time. I began by cutting and sticking the 'things to make' in Sunny Stories magazine as an infant , progressing through the dropped stitches of learning to knit, to sewing aprons and fingers at Junior School. Friday was then  my absolute favourite day of the week, art all afternoon. The holy grail of painting was bestowed upon us all, one precious sheet of slightly creamy coloured heavy cartridge paper. The very feel of it inspired me to paint such masterpieces as Scarecrow in Field of Infinite Sludge, Woman with Neck Affliction, Dog with Only Two Legs the Same Size. Any further offerings had to be painted upon vastly inferior thin white shiny paper, and the muse would leave me.

I spent a happy three years at Wallasey School of Art on leaving school. I am still uncertain exactly how I ended up on the course I did. I had applied to do interior design, but I left with a  Certificate of Industrial Ceramics (second hons). The design of surface pattern being my strong point. Throughout the following years I have continued to design and make, draw and paint. My butterfly nature has seen me exploring a great variety of crafts from leather work in the 70's to more recent felt making. I have shared my love of different mediums, materials and techniques, teaching to a wide spectrum of groups over the years as well as selling my work and designs.

But it was only in 1996 with the purchase of our first computer and with it a 1.3mp camera that my love affair with photography began. At last I found the medium for me. Here was the means of expression I became passionate about. The digital camera freed me from the previous restrictions of film in the number of pictures I took, with no cost other than replacing the batteries. In turn this led to an increase in my confidence, creativity and ability. But it was a City and Guilds course in traditional photography /dark room skills (triple distinction) that help to lift me from dabbling to becoming a mature student at the University of Chester. This was much more hard work than I had bargained for! But I graduated 2009, with a degree in Fine Art and Photography BA Hons (First Class).

I now describe myself as an omniartist. Last year I returned to my love of designing and making jewellery. Look at Adorn Yourself Betsy pages for a peek at my current range of available designs available to purchase through Etsy.